Marcus Agerman


Marcus is the founder and editor of independent style and culture publication Jocks & Nerds. With a career in media spanning over two decades, his passion for music stems from an ongoing interest in the cultural intersections between music, fashion and cinema.

Alongside his monthly Jocks & Nerds radio show on Soho Radio, he also hosts his own radio show on Acid Jazz Records’ digital radio station, Totally Wired Radio. Called Planet Yes!, this show is dedicated to the best new music from around the world. As he himself says, “Music is such a wonderful view into cultures and peoples. It can be universally understood, young or old. Planet Yes! is really about acknowledging the wealth of amazing music from all corners of the world - and the variety of beautiful rhythms and syncopations. Theres is endless amazing music coming out of each continent right now. And I see its influences everywhere - whether it be traditional Afghanistani music in Khruangbin’s music or even the most popular songs of today. Finally, we don’t have to say ‘world music’ anymore - we can say ‘universal music’.”

First DJing at art school in the mid-1990s, Marcus’s sets included the exciting genres of the day including house, trip hop, drum ’n’ bass and acid jazz as well as the earlier genres he so loves - soul, funk, jazz and disco.

Whilst working at i-D in the late 1990s, Marcus was part of the crew behind the Shoreditch club night Bloodvibes.

As a DJ, he has played with the likes of Terry Farley, Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson, Joe Davis and DJ Spoony.

He continues to put on nights and events with musical partner Stuart Patterson, including a series the Ace Hotel London with guest DJs including Danny Krivit, Marcia Carr, Diesel, Rusty Egan, Phil Asher and Femi Fem. They also organised the closing night afterparty for the Somerset House Return of the Rudeboy exhibition at the Basement club at the London Edition.

He has also put on events for various clients including C.P. Company, Absolut Vodka and Kicker’s.

He has DJed at venues including Spiritland, Tate Modern, Ace Hotel, Old Street Records, Forge & Co. and the Magic Roundabout. He has also worked with The Date as part of the crew that brought Nicky Siano over to UK for the first time in over 30 years. He also worked with legendary club night Faith on their boat party at the Odyssia Festival in Greece.

He currently has a monthly residency, Keep On Reachin’, at the Star by Hackney Downs.

He describes himself as a “musical curator”, known for taking his audience through a journey of musical discovery whilst always keeping a hypnotic rhythm.

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