Wade Crescent

Wade has been at the forefront of the International nightlife scene for well over a decade, always catering to an elite and cosmopolitan crowd. This British DJ and Lifestyle Maestro has injected a level of cool, sophistication and charm to all his esteemed ventures – from London to New York, Tokyo to Los Angeles.
                                                      “Wade Crescent is the man about Tinseltown” The Fall

Having lived and worked as a DJ in nearly every major metropolis in the world, Wade is equally comfortable playing chic lounges, members bars, award galas, galleries and poolside. His bespoke sets are eclectic and tailored to each client and crowd.

Wade has long been established as a high-end event DJ for Luxury (Audemars Piguet/Cartier/Jaguar), Fashion (Armani/Burberry/Louboutin) and Technology brands (Leica/Samsung/Youtube) where he is naturally aligned with the brand’s core values.

He has been a constant fixture at Cannes, Art Basel, Coachella and throughout all major Fashion Weeks and has shared a stage with bonafide superstars such as Blondie, Guns’N’Roses, Phoenix, Grace Jones, Usher, Skrillex, Bono, Frank Sinatra Jr and Usain Bolt! As well as playing for a myriad of private clients including Mick Jagger, Sean Parker and The Royal Family.

He is currently a partner and creative director of Los Angeles venue Blind Dragon, an Asian themed cocktail lounge with private karaoke suites. Wade’s vision and design has proved a huge success, with further locations launched in Chicago and Scottsdale. Blind Dragon London is set to open in the fall of 2019.